Let's throw it back to 5 years ago when Alaska had blonde locks, Manaia had the coolest mullet, hubby had a little more hair & I was rocking the Rhianna red hair (I know you remember that phase 👩‍🦰)!.

👉 We looked 10 years younger (it's amazing what 5 years & 2 extra kids can do to you).

👉 Travelled the U.S working in the remote desserts of Idaho, Utah, Montana, Nevada Wyoming & Colorado.

👉 Thousands of Miles travelled with a 3 & 1 year old in our Dodge Truck & 29 Foot RV! We called it the "Wanderer!.

It wasn't our first rodeo working & travelling around the U.S & overseas but it was with 2 kids in tow!.

We had quite a few challenges along the way.

🚽 Toilet training while travelling is a nightmare.

🚙 Travelling 12 hour days and into the small hours of the morning in to the pitch blackness of dusty dessert no end roads = no sleep routine at all!!.

🥂 Deciding which one of us was going to go out and party with our mates whilst the other one stays in the RV with the kids! 🙋‍♀️ It was usually me going out.

We often reminisce about our days overseas! It's where we first met & got hitched in the dessert!! It was always so much fun even with the kids we still loved it, a little tiny bit of us misses it!