Did you guess the lie?

1. I have a truck licence.

2. I haven't had a hair cut in over a year.

3. I am breast feeding two kids.

#1 If you guessed the lie was "I have a truck licence" you are correct! I DO NOT have a truck licence. So funny though my husband and I have a contracting company with machinery (don't ask me, I just do the books he does all the actual work) and we joke that when all the kids go to school (4 of them) I will need to get my truck licence and work for the company (nightmares) and this is where Tiger + Lilly fits in... 🤞

#2 Hands up all the busy Mum's 🙋. I seriously in need of a haircut, its been well over a year! I am nearly tempted to just chop it myself.. The joys of having too many kids and a husband who works 24/7!

#3 Yes! I am feeding 2 kids and one is a 4 year old.. Taking tips on how to get these life sucking monsters off me.. Jokes!! kinda... 🤦

Thanks for playing along..

Tamai x