Hey Gorgeous! This is where you will find all the answers to all your questions. We hope this helps you have a great experience with us. If you can't find the information you are looking for, below feel free to send us an email

Is your jewellery made in Australia?

Yes! We are based in Country Victoria about 3.5 hours Southwest of Melbourne.

Who makes your jewellery?

I do! I am a one woman show. You can feel good knowing your purchase supports an Australian mother of 4 and small business owner! Read more About Me here.

Do you hand illustrate all your jewellery?

Yes! I digitally draw all our designs and sometimes we will collaborate with other artists. Want to collaborate? Send me an email or message me on socials.

What are your jewellery care instructions?

Our earrings can be worn all day and night... They do it all, Swim, Shower, Gym & Sleep. They are designed to be worn 24/7 if you choose too. 

We recommend when you're not wearing them to keep them in a dry place away from moisture.

Our wine glass charms & keyrings are not waterproof. Please do not get these wet they cannot swim.

Earring Care Instructions

What is it about your earrings that you can wear them all day and night?

They a small, lightweight & comfortable. Every person is different if you have extremely sensitive ears than sleeping in your earrings may not work for you.

Are your earrings okay to wear if you have sensitive ears?

Yes! Our earrings are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel and are nickel free which makes it less likely to have a reaction if you have sensitive ears.

Everyone is different and we cannot guarantee you won't have a reaction. We have so many reviews from customers with sensitive ears that only wear Tiger + Lilly earrings now and this makes us so happy!

Will your earrings turn black & tarnish?

No! We do not use sterling silver or cheap nasty metals in our jewellery, you do not have to worry about the metal tarnishing. Stainless steel is a non-rusting, non-tarnishing metal. 

Are they okay for kids to wear?

Yes! We even have a specific range of designs just for kids.

What size do you recommend for kids?

 Age Style
3 - 7 "MINI" Studs
7+ "MINI" Studs & "OG" Size Studs and Dangles
10+ "LUX" Studs and Dangles

This is just a guide and can all depend on personal choice of the child and parent.

How do I wear the Pearl Earrings?

The Pearl replaces the butterfly and sits at the back of your earlobe.

Can I include a note for a gift?

Yes absolutely. You can leave a note at checkout or email after your purchase with your message

Do you include receipts in your parcels?

  • No, we do not, all of or receipts are sent to your email after you purchase.
  • All our parcels are packaged beautifully whether it is a gift to a loved one or to yourself.
  • All of our parcels include a hand written note (where the item is purchased on a major sale i.e. Boxing Day, Birthday Sales handwritten notes will not be included).

What if I have a reaction to your earrings?

We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for sensitive ears. See more info here.

I lost my favourite earring, can I get a replacement?

Yes! We have the option to buy a single replacement earring here. Please send an email to Tamai at to confirm the design and style before purchasing the replacement.

What is your returns policy?

See more info here.

What countries do you ship to and how much is shipping?

See more info here.